BPO Services.

We offer complete range of the International call center / BPO services to industries / organisations / sectors which require end-to-end Solutions for their business operation. We operationalise system on focused strategies, combined with state of the art infrastructure to be advantagious for widespreed clients network as we are successfully meeting their offshore needs in following aspects:

(a) Data & Internet Research

(b) Data Entry/Conversions

(c) Web marketing & Solutions.

(d) Back office Support.

(e) Data Base Services.

(f) Tele Marketing.

(g) Web Host, Design & Domain Registration



Inbound Call Centrer Services.

Our Inbound call centre is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and multi-edge software programme to render efficient and effective technology services to the customers. Our team of trained and expertised professional consisting of Customer's Service Representatives makes sure that the precious customer/client is satisfied and gets the complete and right informations for following services:

(a) Customer Services Support

(b) Help Desk Support.

(c) Appointment settings

(d) Order taking / processings

(e) Email supports



Outbound Call Centre Services

At our Outbound Call Centre, we have established innovative technology solution to deal with customers requirements. The multi-edge software program is very useful in rendering prompt and multifold productivity out put which is beneficial to contact and convince the customers systematically. Our expertised team of professional agents/executives handle the calls with utmost care in execution and processing which derives more yield and productivity in following areas:

(a) Lead Generations

(b) Products promotions

(c) Data Base Processing.

(d) Market research / Survey


Financial Services

Creating sustainable business impact for the finanacial transactions through the scientific use of receivable/payble process, people, platforms and partnership is new agde online solution to meet accountablity. We have been quite satisfactory to deal with numerous horizen to achieve clients parametres. Indeed the subject matter requires patience, confidence, understandings and above all diplomatic handling of case sensitiveness of the customers and principals. Following services are covered:

(a) Auto Loan Processings

(b) Mortagage Loan Processings

(c) Accounting Solutions

(d) Accounts Management

(e) Financial Consolidation

(f) Bookkeepings

(g) Financial Wellness Programs consist of Counseling, planning, Execution, Tracking, Research, Analytical Assessing & Reporting,


Marketing Services

(a) Online Marketing

(b) E-mail Marketing

(c) Database Research

(d) B2B Marketing

(e) Social Media Marketing

(f) Digital Marketing

(g) Network Marketing


E-bound Solution

(a) Live Chat

(b) E-mail Managment

(c) E-mail Receptionist

(d) Web Order Entry

(e) E-data Solution